Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is probably going to sound bad coming after my last post, but I really need to get laid. *nod*

I don't know why, but tonight I got an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Maybe it has to do with my need to get some? :p

I've been wanting to start writing again, but I really have no idea what to write about. I'd like to write another story using the character I created, but I just can't think of any scenarios to put him in. I would also love to finish the 3 stories I started so long ago, but I get the feeling I never will.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I’m trying to remember exactly what happened with Anelle after I kissed her cheek and got no response that night. I believe I brought it up the next day while we were alone again, and she mentioned the main reason she didn’t say much is because she’s really shy. I do remember that later that night she surprised me with a kiss on the cheek, which I was naturally ecstatic about…I think that was when I talked to her about the kiss from the other night.

The night before everyone went home, her and I got into my car to take Eizan to the airport. After dropping him off, the whole way back I was considering actually trying to give Anelle another kiss, this time on the lips, and as we got out of the car I threw care out the window and did it…something I had honestly been wanting to do all week, but never got the nerve to. Anyway, I did it, and she giggled, and that was about it, as far as I noticed. She told me a few days later when I brought it up that she was blushing as well, but I didn’t see it for some reason. That’s pretty much all that happened, that I didn’t write about earlier. That whole morning while I was waiting for the time to come to take her to the airport I was doing my best to hold back the tears, because I knew I’d miss her a whole lot, which I did and still do. I felt so bad that day too, mainly because I wanted nothing more to just have my arm around her, or my hand in hers, just sitting together…but every time she’d reach out to grab my arm or my hand or something, I’d sit there for a few moments before excusing myself to the bathroom to gather myself. That happened a few times, and I didn’t really want to make myself seem so distant, but I just couldn’t help myself. Like I said, I broke down when I dropped her off, and gave her a final hug before saying my goodbyes. I told her I’d definitely have to come visit her sometime soon, and I’ll be doing that next month. I’m heading out to Alabama for a weekend, and I dunno how things are going to go. I’m pretty much going into this trip the same way I went into the Gathering. I’d like for something to happen, but I doubt anything will, and if nothing does I won’t really be disappointed.

I hope I didn’t embarrass the hell out of Anelle with this post…lol.

Nothing much else to update on…went down to tour the USS Midway down in San Diego with Ben, my mom, his mom and I, which was really interesting. We were down there pretty much all day, luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad. After we got back, Ben hung out here for a while, and I showed him the games skate. and Bioshock. His g/f came and picked him up (because his mom took his car back home), and I’ve been sitting on the internet, bored out of my gourd ever since. One good thing about being away from home all day is I missed out on a shitload of drama back at the Center.

Monday, August 06, 2007

7/28 - 7/29

So far, the Gathering has been really fucking awesome, just like I knew it would be. I got in Saturday night around 8PM, and we all went to dinner (all that were there, anyway: Betty, Xylus, webhead, me, Eizan, Goro, Dez, Chax, David, Blackjak, Anelle, Lucy and Crono). Ended up splitting the dinner 12 ways...the check was something over $100. We all went back to web's place and played video games the rest of the night...I showed off my custom GH2, and it seemed to be a hit with the GH players. Gambit and Lor came over later as well. Eizan and I left web's around 12 to get to our hotel and check in and all that. The hotel itself fucking blows, but on the bright side, we're not going to be here all that often.

We got woken up at 8:30AM by room service...stayed here for about an hour before heading to web's again. We stopped by the QuikTrip (the first of many stops), but it was mainly for gas. We got to web's around 10AM, and most people were still sleeping. Sometime near 10:30 most people started waking up. We stuck around web's place until 12, when Lucy, Eizan, Dez, Anelle and I went into Phoenix to watch a Diamondbacks game...which they got thoroughly whomped on. Sadly Lucy's first American baseball game wasn't all that exciting, but I think she enjoyed herself just the same. We had a good time regardless of the game itself. We stuck through the whole thing, the game ending sometime around 4:20PM, and after searching the parking structure for my car for about 15 minutes, we found it and headed back to web's once again, where David flipped through a bunch of web's pictures on the PS3 while he and Ashley were off doing their own thing, whatever that was. I don't know who else was with them though...but when they got back into his living room, he didn't like us making fun of his pictures, so he disconnected the network from the PS3 and killed our fun.

We bummed around web's place while Betty, Azreal, Blackjak, and Wynd went off to a smoke shop and a few other places while we tried to figure out what we were doing for the evening. Around 8:30PM we finally got out and went over to some pizza place near web's house. Betty and them met up with us over there (I forgot to mention that Mera'din and Ancilla were at web's when we got back from the game as well), and we had dinner before heading over to the movie theater to watch the Simpsons movie together. Everybody but Lucy, Anelle, David and I sat together up at the very top row. David sat one row in front of them, and Lu, Nelle and I sat two rows in front of him. The movie was a lot better than I expected, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

After the movie, we once again made our way back to web's place and hung out...some people getting drunk, others not. Crono and I went on a hunt for a Walgreens, because my camcorder was acting up. We got it and came back, only to find out the camera itself must be a piece of junk, because it didn't work for shit. The drunk/tipsy people were off in web's kitchen area, and the rest of us were gathered around the TV to play some Smash Bros. and Guilty Gear X. Lucy passed out first, and Nelle and I sat together on the couch, and I became her footrest while she played Smash Bros, which was fine with me. >_> Lor passed out sometime after, on top of Goro.

Eizan and I left web's around 2:30AM, and on the way back we ran into a bunch of people who went off to buy more booze (they walked, thankfully)...and here I am, writing down the days events for others to read. Go me!


We went bowling...that's all I remember. I think the rest of the day was spent playing video games. Eizan and I ended up staying at web's that night. Sorry.


Lucy woke us all up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to the Grand Canyon, which we didn't leave to until around 8:15AM. We piled into David, Crono's, and my car and headed off for what I had no idea would be an over 3 hour drive. We made it to Flagstaff, where David got gas, and Crono's car took a shit. We were stuck there for about an hour until some homeless/druggie people came and helped out. Turns out his alternator died. Some of us decided to head back, I did because I was cranky and not feeling well. I took Anelle, Eizan, Goro and Lor back to web's, where we got there around 3:30PM, and Anelle, Eizan and I passed out for a few hours. Betty, Blackjak, Azreal, Matt, Wynd and Chax came over to grab me to go do stuff, but I was feeling like ass, so I didn't go. Anelle woke up and her and I took off to Best Buy so I could pick up 300 on Blu-Ray, and then we went to Safeway to pick up a cake for Eizan's birthday. We didn't celebrate anything until the people that kept going to the Grand Canyon and Betty's group got back, and then we sang happy birthday to Eizan and had cake. We played a little more video games before Eizan, Lucy, Anelle, Eizan, Chax, Dez, Kyle, Shannon and I went to Denny's and had horrible service. After we left, Eizan and I headed to our hotel and crashed. I was feeling like total ass at that chest was killing me. I slept decently and today I feel alright.


After Eizan and I took our showers, we went over to web's, where I stopped by Circuit City to pick up Hot Fuzz on DVD, only to get back to web's and find out that it came out on HD-DVD too, so I ended up selling my copy to Anelle so I could find the HD-DVD version later on. We sat around for a while, and people watched me play Guilty Gear, until we decided to pass the controller around to see who could be the first to beat the final boss. Eizan was the only one to beat her for one round, and pretty much no one else came close. After that went on for about two hours, Anelle, Lucy, DC, Goro and I took off to Wal-Mart so Lucy could buy a sleeping bag for camping tomorrow. We also made a stop at an electronics store, and finally made our way to QuikTrip for a fill-up and some food. When we got back, we all watched Hot Fuzz, and after it was over dinner was ready, so everyone had that, while I played a little Guitar Hero for a while. Lor joined in a bit later, and then after dinner, Nelle went into web's room to read some yaoi, and I joined her to read some Bleach before Chax, HikageRyu, Anelle, Eizan, Goro and I went out to a place called Bookmans and walked around. Eizan ended up picking up some used PS1 game, while the rest of us just kinda browsed around. When we left, the people in my car (Goro, Anelle and I) went to Wendy's and then came back to Web's, where Lor was still playing Guitar Hero. Now we're just sitting here staring at the song list for Guitar Hero. After a bit of that, the others started to plan camping shiznit, and Rigo said something to tick me off, so I left for an hour or so to drive around and bang my head to some Metallica before heading back to web's and taking Eizan back to the hotel.


Eizan and I woke up, I took a shower, and then we checked out of the hotel, since there was really no need for it the next few days. We headed over to web's, where some of us just sat around, Lor played Guitar Hero for a while, and the others packed up for camping. Everyone left sometime around 12PM, and it was just Anelle and I for a while. All we did was order pizza and watch TV for a few hours until David came home from work. Before he got there, I ordered Mario Strikers Charged for Wii, and David took us down to Best Buy so I could go pick it up. When we got back, David and I passed out for about an hour, and I dunno what Nelle did. I woke up around 5:30, and we watched more TV until the X-Games came on, which we watched for a while. David paused it on the DVR and we went to get dinner. Nelle and I got Subway, and David went to the chinese food place next door. We got back and watched more X-Games until we popped in the 300 Blu-Ray to watch it. We ended the night watching more TV (Fresh Prince) before going to bed around 2AM.


I woke up a little before 8AM and have been browsing the internet for the past hour. Anelle and I pretty much watched TV most of the day. David came home and joined in for a while and took us to get lunch. We basically sat around until the others came back from camping, and I got my car back. Anelle, Chax and I went to go pick up Mera'din at the mall, where he had been left for most of the day while Ancilla was at work. We brought him back and all went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, with Betty and all the people that hung out with her. After we got back fron dinner, we all crowded around the TV in web's place and watched the episode of DBZ where Gohan goes SSJ2, followed by the latest Naruto episode. Lucy got up and left mid-way through because most of us knew what happened and were talking through it. We paused it and I went in to convince her to come back, and that we'd all shut up, which we did...and she came back to finish it off. After that was over, everyone that wasn't staying at web's that night took off and the rest of us went to bed.


The people that were out in web's living room woke up around 9AM, and sat around for a but until I popped in some Guitar Hero and played for a while. Lor took over while Anelle, Dez, Eizan and I took off to do some shopping at Atomic Comics. Dez picked up a few wallscrolls, Anelle picked up a manga, I think all Eizan got was a small stuffed Winry, and I picked up a graphic novel and a Samurai 7 wallscroll (for way too much I might add), and a pony. poooooooooony. >_>
I dropped the others off and I went off to get Burger King food, because the rest of the people at web's got chinese food. When I got back, Ashley and web hopped in my car and we went to go pick up their food. We came home, and the people still here are watching Flags of our Fathers on blu-ray. After the movie was over, we just hung around web's house for a while until we took off to go ice skating. After making a few loops around the place, we finally found it and went inside. Everyone went down there, but only a few people actually skated. I believe Goro, Matt, Chax, web, Ashley, Betty, Nick, Lucy, Crono and I were the ones that were on the ice, while the others watched. Everyone had a pretty good time regardless of what they did. Crono ended up taking out some 8 year old girl, too...was pretty funny. After that, we went over to Denny's and had another dinner together (the last we'd all have together this trip :( ). We headed back to web's place after dinner, and just stuck around for a bit before a few people walked to the nearby Circle K. First it was just Lucy and Ancilla, but then Goro, Chax, Anelle and I came a bit later. When we got back, the people that stuck around started to watch 300, so we finished that. Pretty much just stayed up until it was time to take Eizan back to the airport.


Eizan, Anelle and I took him to the airport around 3AM, and I had to stop and get gas on the way back. As soon as we got back, I pretty much passed out on the couch. I woke up a few hours later to go with web as he took Dez and Lucy to the airport at about 7:45AM, and Anelle went as well. Since I can't really sleep too well after i've just woken up, I sat around dumbfounded for a few hours. After a bit of that, I decided to try and catch a few more hours of sleep, and woke up around 11AM. I sat with Anelle in silence for about half an hour before I started packing up. I mainly started to pack to distract me from crying, which I had been trying to hold back, rather unsuccessfully, for the majority of the time I was awake. At 12PM, I took Anelle to the airport and broke down in tears when saying goodbye...couldn't help it. I knew I was going to miss her a whole lot. After pulling myself together I made my way back to web's, finished packing, and told the rest (Goro, web, Ashley, and Lor) that I was going to head home. I didn't want to sit there and be the fifth wheel, so I took off. Wasn't the best idea I had, mainly because I was tired...I kept feeling my head droop for the first hour or two, so I pulled over at a rest stop and took a quick 15 minute nap before finishing my drive home. I pretty much crashed right after I brought all my stuff in, sleeping for about two hours before waking up and getting online, talking to a few people in IRC for a bit before deciding to go back to bed.

Friday, August 03, 2007

So i've been in Arizona since late Saturday night for the Center Gathering, and have been having an awesome time so far. Met a lot of new people that i've known for years online, and it's been great. Even met the girl i've had a crush on for the past few years. :o

Everyone but her, one of my friends' roommates and I went camping yesterday, and the two of us have just been sitting around watching TV most of the day. Her and I have been flirting back and forth all week, but nothing has happened, which is fine and good with me, as full of shit as it may sound. We've been sitting together most of the week, just leaning on each other and whatnot, and last night I had my arm around her shoulder. On a spur of the moment kind of thing, I turned my head and kissed her on the forehead, and things got kinda awkward for a bit. We called it a night pretty much after that.

I don't really know what to make of the whole thing, really. I know that she's not oblivious to the fact that I like her, and as far as I can tell, she likes me as well. I mean, we get along great and everything, and i've loved just spending time with her all week. I don't know if I just made some huge mistake or whatnot, since she didn't say anything. I'm not going to bring it up to her or anything like that, I figure its just best if I let it go. If she brings it up, then maybe we can talk about it but otherwise I think I should just shut my trap and move on.