Friday, September 15, 2006

One good thing about summer winding down is that the temperatures as well are on their way down. I'm not quite ready for winter temperatures yet, but fall sounds really nice. It's been in the mid 70s down here all week, and its been nice. I think the high yesterday was around 68, and it felt like's a nice, and very welcome, change of pace from the weather lately. That heat wave a few months back was just killer, and it makes working outside such a pain, so it's nice to have the more mundane weather like we've been having lately.

With the lowering temperatures, i'm able to do a bit more as well. For example, i've mentioned in the past that I like to "drum" on the steering wheel. Well, when i've got time at work, I break out my drumsticks and treat the steering wheel of my FedEx truck as a drum kit, envisioning what would go where, and hitting the corresponding sections to the music i'm blasting on my iPod. I'd like to say i'm pretty good, but I can't say if it translates over to real drum skills too well or not. I know i've got the basics down, at the very least, so when I eventually do get a drum set, i'll be off in the right direction, in any case.

So, with the decreasing temperatures, i'm able to do this once again without ending up drenched in my own sweat. I've pretty much held off from doing it during the hot weather, and this past week i've been getting back into it, and I gotta say...I missed it. I really, really did....much more than I thought I would before I started doing it again. It just gives me a really good feeling to be able to play along with songs I love, and its rekindled my love for wanting to own a real drum kit one day. I want desperately to own one, but the biggest obstacle in getting one is that I have nowhere to play one. I could put it in the garage, but there wouldn't be very many opportunities to actually break it out and just jam, which stinks.

However, I was thinking of asking Ben a huge favor. He's got a back house at his house in Brea, that recently had a decent sized space open up, somewhat. He used to have his office out there, but he's recently moved it in to the main house, and put some furniture in to take its place, but that could relatively easily be moved around. Anyway, I don't have the money to purchase a full set right now, or any time that's a ways off, but its an idea floating around in my head just the same. I've yet to talk to him about it too, so who knows.