Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I just had the weirdest dream, or set of dreams really, i'm not sure which. Now, in this dream I had last night, I remembered having a dream previously about Maynard James Keenan from Tool talking about the forming of the universe. I can't remember if it was in the format of a Tool song, or if I was just dreaming he was telling me face to face about it, I'm not really sure. But in this latest dream, I was at a lecture hall of some sort. Not sure if it was at a school, or at a auditorium, or where. But I was there for a speech on the forming of the universe. Now, I can't remember why, but for some reason I went outside, and I saw Maynard talking to Denis Leary about something...i'm not really sure what. I just know while I was watching them talk, I was thinking about the previous dream I had about Maynard talking to me, and wanted to talk to Maynard, asking him if it was weird that I was dreaming about him. I was also considering whether or not I should talk to him, or ask him for a picture, I eventually manned up and went over.

Now, what's strange is that when I saw him talking with Denis Leary before, he was standing up, but when I went to talk to him, he was sitting in a wheelchair. I was kinda shocked, but before asking him about what happened, I asked him for a picture. He said "Sure," and as I knelt down for the picture, I asked him what happened. I was fumbling for my iPod, trying to find the camera button as he explained what happened. I had the iPod in my hand and was trying to take the picture as well as talk to Maynard, when for some reason, I looked up and saw Ted Kennedy in a wheelchair, wheeling his way over to us. As I was trying to talk to Maynard, Ted Kennedy asked if he could talk to Maynard for a second, and he and I argued for a bit about how I just wanted to ask him something real quick, but Ted Kept trying to talk to Maynard before I could get a word out. I finally gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him talk, while I waited my turn. But before he could, I woke up. The first thing on my mind when I woke up was "fucking Ted Kennedy!"

Now what's confusing me even more about this is I can't remember if I actually had my original dream about Maynard talking to me about the forming of the universe, or if in my dream last night, I was remembering a dream I had, but didn't ACTUALLY have...if that makes any sense.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The song is "Make It Stop (September's Children) by Rise Against. I love the message in this song, even though the song itself isn't my favorite.

Bang bang go the coffin nails
Like a breath exhaled
Then gone forever
It seems just like yesterday
How did I miss the red flags raise?
Think back to the days we laughed
We braved these bitter storms together
Brought to his knees he cried
But on his feet he died

What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could

Make it stop?
Let this end
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It's come to this
A weightless step
On the way down singing

Bang bang from the closet walls
The schoolhouse halls
The shotgun's loaded
Push me and I'll push back
I'm done asking, I demand
From a nation under God,
I feel it's love like a cattle prod

Born free, but still they hate
Bore me, no, I can't change
It's always darkest just before the dawn
So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong

Make it stop
Let this end
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge
It's come to this
A weightless step
On the way down singing

The cold river washed him away
But how could we forget
The gatherings hold candles
But not their tongues
And too much blood has flown from the wrist
Of children shamed for those they chose to kiss
Who will rise to stop the blood

We're calling for,
Insisting on
A different beat, yeah
A brand new song