Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As my new MySpace name says, I just don't know what to do with myself. Yesterday when I got back from my trip to Mammoth (which I may or may not write about, I haven't decided yet) I received some news that put a damper on my good mood...but first a little back story. As i've said before, i've been considering moving out to Arizona, and for the most part it's been set, just needed to find a place to live. I had a chance to move in with three friends of mine in a pretty damn nice house, and everything was going well up until recently. I told one of the people I was going to move in with that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to for a little while, due to there being a hiring freeze at work (which i'm still not sure is accurate), which would've affected my transferring. That, coupled with the fact that another prospective roommate was having second thoughts has apparently ended that opportunity. So that was what I found out about after I got back from my “trip.” Now, i'm obviously upset by this, but as I told the other two, I completely understand where they're coming from. They want to have roommates they are sure that are able to follow through with the promise of moving in, which is perfectly fine. What isn't fine, and what's more my own fault than anything else, is that I was REALLY looking forward to the move...you have no idea. So obviously i'm depressed that that particular option didn't work out...have been since I heard about it. However, there was another opportunity to move in with another couple people, but now that's not looking like something I want to do either.

So i'm at a bit of a crossroads as to what to do. As I said before, I was really looking forward to moving in with the first group of people, and what's going on with the second group doesn't really gel with what I wanted to do either, which is making me seriously reconsider the whole thing. I really don't want to go full time out here, it's just not something that, according to other people where I work, something I should do...and as time goes on at my current job, I tend to agree. So I don't know...

Can't think of what else to say.

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