Friday, April 07, 2006

Well, its not looking as if Jen and I are gonna be doing anything together this weekend, sadly. I gotta say i'm anxious to go out with her, just to see how well we get along outside of work, and maybe to ease my "fears" so to speak. There's still a chance, but i'm not betting on it (going out this weekend I mean). I'm thinking of just going along with her off the clock on the late shuttle one night, just so we can talk a little. Haven't done a whole lot of that the past week, its been too busy.

Wednesday and Thursday night both, Quiksilver decided to fuck me over with around 30 boxes for my shuttle, each one weighing about 35 lbs. Now, one or two boxes isn't so bad, but after handing 30 of them three times (once to put in them in my truck, once to put them in my shuttle truck, and once to take them out of my shuttle truck) I was just sore as all hell. Its been oddly busy this week, I guess last week was just a fluke. Last week my route was pretty light, but this week its been slightly heavy. Not too bad mind you, but worse than the week previous. Ah well, at least the pay is good, right? Speaking of pay, I made almost $400 last week, which is about $100 more than usual, so last week's pain in the ass wasn't too horrible after all. I've got a little more spending money this week....and once again i'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I still have no idea what or where, but the thought is still in my mind.

Last night I got uberpissed at one of my boardmates, and their significant other. She just hit a nerve, I guess. Normally I can take a joke pretty well, but this one just wouldn't go away. I went to bed angry, and laid there for about half an hour, trying to sleep. I almost felt like making an angry post to get it off of my mind, but decided against it. I think its for the better that I did.


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