Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Okay, time to go on a video game nerd rant. Stick with me, people!

Alright, rewind back to two weeks ago, when I pre-ordered the re-release of Metal Gear Solid 3. Konami (the company that produces the game) was giving consumers two versions to choose from. A regular edition, and a limited edition, which included two extra discs. One you were supposed to get when you pre-ordered the limited edition, and the other came with the LE itself. So, going into EB Games, I made a point to the guy working there that I wanted the limited edition, and not the regular one. So, he took care of it. About a week later I went back in to buy something else, and add some money onto my pre-order, and I asked again to make sure I was getting the limited edition. He said (paraphrasing, mind you), "don't worry, its taken care of." The other guy working that day even said he'd put aside a copy of the disc you got when you pre-ordered (I believe EB thought they weren't supposed to give them out until you picked up the game itself), with a note that had my name on it. So of course I went home satisfied that I had the LE in the bag.

Fast forward to last night. I was looking forward to picking the game up, so I put my phone off of vibrate so if they called while I was asleep, i'd be awake for it. I went to sleep, and woke up around 12PM, with no call. I figured i'd leave a tiny bit later than usual for work, just in case they called before then. 2PM rolls around, and I say oh well, and leave for work. I go to work, and around 3PM I get a call saying it came in. Great. I went in after work to pick it up, and the guy working at EB , after I mentioned what I was there to pick up, asked if I pre-ordered the LE or the regular edition. I said that I should've gotten the LE, and when he looked it up in the computer, it turns out I hadn't. Needless to say I was pissed, considering I came in twice, trying to make absolutely sure. But I kept my cool, and left disappointed. I got the game though, and in order to try and make it up to me, the EB guy started looking around for something else he could give me. I ended up getting what I assume you can only get when you pre-order another game, which was slightly comforting, but obviously not enough.

Anyway, I left uber pissed, and without what I wanted. Oh well, such is life I guess. On the bright side this is the only time they've screwed me. Since i'm in there enough, the guys recognize me and usually hook me up with stuff for free. I'm still gonna give them my business too, since they're all nice guys. I much prefer going to a store where I get a more personal touch when i'm there, its just a niec thing to have. Anyway...that was the "highlight" of my life recently. On Friday, I once again leave for Arizona, and come back on Monday. Nothing else to really update on, so this comes to a close. Ja ne.


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