Monday, February 20, 2006

Lately i've been once again thinking about moving out to Arizona. I figure I can get a job at a FedEx station out there somewhere, that way I won't lose my seniority or anything like that, and I can probably keep a comparable pay rate. I don't know where exactly i'd live out there, probably somewhere near Tempe or Phoenix (mainly because there's stations nearby). The only problem is I don't really know when i'll be able to move out there. I've got credit cards to pay off, which I know is gonna take a while...and I don't know if i'll have enough money to pay for rent and groceries and all that. Obviously I just need to think about it more...I haven't given it super serious thought yet...but the idea has been stirring around in my head lately. I just get the feeling I won't be too missed around here if I did move. Plus, it'd be a nice change of pace from my normal boring life. It'd be my normal boring life in a new state! <_<

I originally felt like posting more, but now I don', yeah.


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