Friday, January 06, 2006

I forgot to mention...I think from now on, i'd like to be called Daniel instead of just Dan.



Blogger Kinmotsu said...

You should change your name over on the right side of the blog index, then :D

10:20 PM  
Blogger Tammy G said...

Hey Daniel, it's your sister in law Tammy. I hope you're not freaked out that I stumbled upon your blog. I have a spot too you are more than welcome to check out when you want.
I wanted to tell you how much you are so like Dominic in your thoughts and your feelings, I think you really do communicate them better than he does, at least in writing. He's gotten much bettter as the years pass for sure. I just wanted you to know in a weird way you two are alike in ways that shock me having not been raised together or anything.
We always enjoy visiting with you and your mom, just seems so hard to get our act together and get down there.
Take care, keep writing it's good for your soul

10:02 AM  

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