Friday, December 30, 2005

God, am I glad Christmas time is over. It is quite possibly the WORST time of year to work for a major shipping company like FedEx. The volume gets so heavy, and the last two weeks leading up to Christmas are the worst. I've survived another one though...I think this would be my...third? Anyway, it feels great to know the worst is over. This week has been pretty easy, thankfully. And tomorrow should be even better, there won't even be any pickups, so I won't have to work all day for once. The only good thing about this time of year is my paycheck last week was least twice what it normally is.

Christmas was nice, Mom loved the GPS device I got her, which made my day. Grandma liked the jewelry box I got her too. Other than present opening, we didn't really do much. Mom bought a box of cookies, and we went to take them to the police department...kissing up I guess? :P

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and yet again i'm alone. Ah well, at least I won't have to spend it alone this year, so it won't be too bad. Don't think i'll be getting super drunk or anything, but it should be a nice night just the same.

Can't really think of much else to update on, so i'll just give a few brief updates. I started working in Photoshop again today for the first time in at least a month. I've had the urge to start writing again, but haven't actually gotten around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow, i'll have most of the day to myself. Went out and bought myself an XBox 360 (that little thing underneath to my links on the right is my GamerCard), and resumed my XBox Live subscription. I picked up Dead Or Alive 4, Call of Duty 2, Ridge Racer 6, and Perfect Dark Zero, all look incredible in hi-def. Got four wireless controllers as well, so now I won't have to buy any new ones for a while, which'll be nice.

I think my will to post here for tonight has just come to an end, so...ja ne.


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