Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So yeah, I went up to see Dana this weekend, and things went well. We're still friends, we just hung out basically, didn't do a whole lot. I asked my manager on Friday if I could possibly get out of work a little early on Saturday so I wouldn't have to worry about missing my flight, and things were looking okay until about 2:30PM when I got a bunch of oncalls and had to stay a half hour later than usual (left around 4:15PM) and raced down to John Wayne airport, and missed my flight by maybe 2 minutes. I got transferred onto another flight through Delta Airlines, which left sometime around 7:30PM. I got to Denver at about 11 something, and Dana met me down at the baggage claim. We hugged, and then made our way over to the tram area that took us over to where I got my rental car. We got to the hotel around 12AM and pretty much went to sleep, cause I was really tired from the long day at work and the flight.

We went down to a fancy-ish mall and walked around for a little bit on Sunday, and on Monday we went to downtown Denver to have lunch at a Subway. Dana and I are still friends at the moment, but we're both kinda keeping things open and seeing how we are in a few weeks when she moves down here. Hopefully we can find her a roommate pretty quick, so we can go on actual dates and try being a normal couple.


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I am truly done attempting to offer you advice. :)

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