Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, life hasn't been all that exciting lately. Work's been the same as usual, except Quiksilver is starting to get busier once again, which sucks because this week it's been pretty hot. Last Saturday I got to come in late, around 12PM, and work until around 5. It was nice being able to sleep in for once on a Saturday. Work was pretty tolerable that day too. There's a possibility I might get to do it again this Saturday, because my manager might need me to run a late shuttle to LAX, and the company has a policy where an employee can't work for the next 10 hours after they clock out. So, if I clocked out past 10PM, I wouldn't be able to come in until after 8AM on Saturday. I don't know if that means i'd just start an hour later, or if i'd get to come in at noon again or what.

Sunday and Monday were real nice too, I went over to Ben's late Sunday and that night and the next day we spent playing video games all day, something I haven't done in forever. It wasn't the most exciting day in the world, but I enjoyed myself just the same. His cousin came over and we played X-Men Legends 2 for about 5 hours nonstop, which was great. Earlier, we were playing Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks which is a really fun co-op game to play. Other than that, nothing real exciting went on. Still talking to Dana every night, she'll be out here next week. Hopefully she'll be able to find a roommate and a job relatively soon, so we can actually try being a normal couple for once. :p I just hope she likes it out here and isn't too homesick. I think she'll be fine. Dunno how long she'll want to stay down here though. We'll see how things go...yeah.

Ja ne.


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