Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dag blast it, Dana got me sick. :( Not what I wanted to be on my vacation...but i'm still enjoying my time off. Dana and I went out again yesterday to look for more jobs, and she applied at JC Penney's, and she got a job! She's off training right now, and hopefully things are going well. Now all we need to do is start actually going to a few of the places she has in mind for potential roommates. I don't know where exactly we're gonna find the time for that, but we gotta try. Her pug Wembley is sitting underneath my desk right now, looking kinda sad. He was wondering where she was for a while, and then I guess he realized she wasn't here, so now he's looking for company. He's a good dog, a lot quieter than I thought he would be. The only time he really makes a lot of noise is when we leave him home for a while by himself and we let him out. He whines and jumps around all excitedly when we get back though...but luckily he calms down rather quickly. The only complaint I have about him is that he sheds like a motherfucker. Hairs everywhere, literally. I've been vaccuuming it up practically every day, its almost like there's another dog living in here, its so much hair. Other than that, he's no trouble at all.

Went up to Ben's house last night, and we played some tennis...something we hadn't done in forever. Well, we didn't play tennis per se, just hit some balls around, but we had a good time nonetheless. It was good to be out and working up a sweat doing something I enjoyed for once. I normally sweat a lot at work, which sucks...but last night was okay.

A friend of mine on DBZCenter's IRC chatroom mentioned a site called Pandora a while back, that i've been going to once in a while and have enjoyed. Basically, you tell the site a few bands/songs you like, and it'll suggest other songs that share some similarities with what you've told it. I've heard of a few good bands from it too, and its worth checking out.

Don't have much else to bring up, so this comes to a close. Ja ne.


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