Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So, last night was awesome. Originally, the plan was to just hang out with Ben, Ewa, and my two gradeschool friends who now live out of town, Ramon and Jeremy. They were both in town for the holidays, and were leaving this week. We were gonna go down to Dave & Busters and just chill. It turns out, after getting in touch with Ramon, we found out he was getting together with another gradeschool friend of ours, Thomas. So that was a nice surprise. The four of us (Ben, Jeremy, Ewa and I) headed down there to the Block, and when we got there, Jeremy and I were walking together, while Ben and Ewa were behind us, and as we were walking up to the door, I recognized this guy that used to go to my first high school, Los Altos. He hung out around my group of friends back then, but I didn't really know him. Back then, he was all gung ho about joining the Marines, you know... "Semper fi this," and "Ooh rah that!" Basically just going on nonstop about joining the Marines (this info will come in handy later). Jeremy and I didn't say anything to him, for whatever reason, and headed inside. After looking for Ramon and Thomas for a while, Ben called Ramon up, and they said they had just got there. So, we headed back towards the door and found them, they had a couple of other people with them too, whom I didn't recognize completely at first. It turns out that Ramon and Thomas were getting together with a few other friends from Los Altos, Rafael, Elder (one of my better friends back when I went), and Elisio (Mr. Marine). It was weird too, cause I saw Elder and I had no idea it was even him. He introduced himself to Jeremy, and I was like "Holy shit, its Elder!" So that was a nice surprise.

Anyway, long story slightly shorter, we all got a table and hung out for a good 3 hours or so, and just had a blast. It was completely unexpected to run into that many people I knew from back in the day. It turns out Rafael joined the military as well (what branch i'm not sure), and Elisio, for whatever reason, didn't join the Marines like everyone who knew him back then thought he would. Guess he was just all talk, maybe? Either way, I think I remember hearing he's actually a cop now, so I guess it was a step in the right direction. After that, we all traded numbers, e-mail addresses, myspace addresses and what not, all to keep in touch. Hopefully we can all get together sometime like that without having to wait another 8 years.


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