Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So, it turns out the woman at the ramp in Long Beach wasn't just joking around after all. Jen actually came up to me while we were at the ramp, and she handed me a piece of paper with her cell phone number and her e-mail address. I e-mailed her tonight, but wasn't really sure what to say, so I kinda rambled, probably coming off like an idiot, but oh well.

While I was in my truck scanning the freight for later on, Jen arrived and started to offload her stuff, when the woman (hmm, we'll call her Angie) looked over in my truck and said that Jen needed help. I started to go over there, and Jen stopped me, saying she didn't really need the help, so I shrugged and went back to scanning my stuff. A few minutes later, Angie looked in my truck again, and was pointing off to my left, and I thought she was motioning to the people next to me offloading, but turns out she was pointing to Jen, who appeared in my truck a few seconds later. It turns out we both thought Angie was just joking around, and I guess were equally surprised that she wasn't. She joked about her handwriting, and I made a sarcastic reply (didn't even think about it before I said it), and later felt I shouldn't have reacted the way I did...eventually when I got back to the station, she apologized, thinking she might have insulted me, and I just apologized as well...and that was the last we talked for the night. So yeah, we'll try and work something out, and go out, see how things go. I'm looking forward to it though, more than I thought I would be. I dunno why, but i've been thinking a lot about her the past week...again, i'm not really sure why exactly. *shrug*

I could've sworn there was something else I wanted to say...but as usual I can't think of it. Ja ne.


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