Saturday, April 01, 2006

God, this week seemed like it went on so long. Work wasn't overly tiresome, but for some reason, each day this week when I got home I was exhausted. Thursday and Friday were surprisingly light, I was done with my route by 4:30PM, which pretty much NEVER happens. Yesterday I ended up staying about two hours longer than usual, which wasn't too bad. Today was another long day, because the other guy that works the PM on Saturdays had worked all this week, and according to some FedEx rule, you can't work six days in a row. So I got off work around 6PM. The bright side about this whole week is my paycheck should be pretty nice! :D

Jen comes back to work on Monday...and I don't really know why, but i've found myself for the most part unable to not think about her for the majority of the day. Its mostly just "is she really interested?" and "should I just give it a shot?" I was totally against the idea, but as time has gone on, i've entertained the idea of going for it. I don't even know if anything will actually come of it, after all. Besides, at the very least, i'll have someone else I can hang out with from time to time. There's the part of me that's telling me its a bad idea, but there's that other part that's obviously fighting it. If she does end up asking me, I think i'll just give it a try. It can't hurt, right?


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