Saturday, April 28, 2007

The past 24 hours have been real good to me. Hell, this whole week has pretty much been good to me. It's about time, right?

Friday night my manager let me get off work a bit early, so I left about half an hour earlier than usual and called Nicole up to let her know I was out and any time she was ready to go, so was I. I ended up heading to her place around 7PM, and then we went down to the Spectrum to eat at Johnny Rocket's....since i'm such a picky eater (and no Ben, I don't just eat fucking hot dogs. :p ). Nicole seemed okay with it, she went a bit naughty on her diet and had a burger, which I thought was kinda funny, mainly because a burger is an every day occurrence to me. Anyway, we had our dinner, and while we were eating, one of the kids eating with his family inside was climbing up on the counter near the window, and it was kinda cute to watch because I saw Nicole slip into mommy mode for a bit. She was making faces at the little guy, and he seemed to enjoy it. I jokingly mouthed the words "Back off, she's mine" to the kid, which he just smiled at me. I thought it was pretty funny, and I think I remember hearing her laugh too.

Anyway, we finished our dinner and made our way over to the theater to see Grindhouse. We got in to the 10:10PM showing, and sat down in what looked to be a love seat done movie theater style, which was nice. I had my arm around her most of the time, until it got tired (which, in a three hour movie, happened A LOT), but I didn't mind. We just sorta cuddled throughout the whole movie, and it was really nice. What made it really great was, the first movie was pretty disgusting at times, and when it got that way, she'd hide her face against my chest. Cute!

The movie let out around 1:30AM, and we didn't get back to her place until about 2. We stayed up and talked for a bit, and she offered to let me stay the night, which I happily accepted. We spent the night in bed together (nothing happened, sorry :P ), and woke up around 9AM, and ended up just lying in bed for the next four hours, talking. I had to tear myself away, because she had to get out to her friend's place to hang out. Her friend's been going through a rough time, and Nicole's helped her enjoy the last few weekends.

I stopped by the mall on the way home to pick up a few comics before pretty much calling it a day. I've been sitting (for the most part) in my computer chair since then, bored out of my fucking mind and missing Nicole a shit ton. I know i've gushed about her a lot in the past few days, but her and I have really hit it off very well. It's really nice to find someone like her, who shares a lot of common interests and is someone I can really relate to. I feel like I can be real honest with her about everything, except for the few details i'm too shy to get into. I'm sure that'll fade a little and i'll open up more as time goes on. Anyway, long story short, i'm falling head over heels for her, it's been a great couple of days, and will hopefully continue to be that way for a long time.

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