Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I really need to stop getting my hopes up so high so quickly, 90% of the time it just leads to me being depressed when things don't work out. I've been trying to get to see Nicole again for a little while now, and it seems like things just aren't working out. Not that it's her fault or my fault or anything, it just seems like everything else is to blame. I called her on Sunday night to see if she wanted to do anything yesterday, but I got her machine, and it turns out she was busy with homework, so that's cool. Her and I talked last night and she brought up the idea of coming over after she got out of class to just hang out for a while. Before she signed off, she was taking her daughter to the hospital, she had something caught in her ear and was crying, so she went and got that taken care of, and we didn't rally make any concrete plans for today but again I got my hopes up since she brought it up. Before she left, I asked her to call me when she got out of class today so we could work something out, so today I woke up, got the room slightly more clean than it usually is, took care of a few personal things, and went about my normal day, waiting for her to call, when she never did. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, considering she took her daughter to the hospital, so I called her today and left a message. I can understand if what happened last night was more serious and she had to stick around or whatever, but I was at least hoping for a call letting me know she couldn't make it for whatever reason.

So yeah...things haven't worked out the way I want to...and i'm slightly miffed that she didn't call, but it's no big whoop. We're not seriously dating or anything, so I can't get too upset, right? :P


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