Thursday, August 03, 2006

Went out to the beach on Saturday with Ben and a majority of his family. Had a good, relaxing day out there. Got the day off a few weeks ago and was looking forward to it. Didn't get down to the water, but wasn't really looking to, to be honest. I just relaxed and enjoyed not being at work. I got there around noon, and it was just Ben, his dad, his brothers Danny and Rob, and his cousin (I think its his cousin anyway) Doug. The rest of his family started arriving around 3PM, and we had a good old time, cooking hotdogs, making smores, you know...all that good shit. After the cooking got done, I played around with the younger kids for a while, and they wore me out pretty quick. Made me realize I don't want more than one kid. More than that just takes way too much out of me...and i'm only 25! So yeah, good day.

Didn't do a damn thing Sunday, didn't do a damned thing Monday. Worked the last two days, and it was surprisingly light all around both days. I was busier today, but yesterday was super easy. I think I was only out on my route for about an hour and ten minutes before I was done, which NEVER happens.

While I was down at the beach, I brought up the idea of getting a tattoo, which wasn't a popular idea with Ben and his dad. His dad and I talked about it for a little while, and he brought up that he felt that, even though what I wanted was meaningful, its not what how my dad would want me to remember him, which is true when I think about it. My dad had tattooes, and he regretted it. I remember a long time ago when I asked him what they were, he told me, and he also told me that he wished he had never got them, that he hated them and so on. Even though I hadn't forgotten about it, but back when I was seriously considering getting one, the thought never really dawned on me. But the more I think about it since then, I never did hear exactly why my dad hated them. For all I know, he could've hated them because they weren't as meaningful later in life as they were at the time that he got them. I honestly don't think that's the case, but then again, I can't be sure. I never asked, because at the time I didn't really think about it or care.

And even though Ben and his dad made me re-think my decision a little, in the end I still feel that its something I want to do. As much as I respect their input, and understand where they're coming from, when it boils down to it, its something that I want to do. My dad may not have approved of it, but it's not like he'd love me any less. But again, in the's my decision. It's something i've been thinking about off and on for a year now, the idea changing here and there until its become what it is now, and what I most likely will get when the time comes. So, basically what i'm saying is, its good to know that people outside of my family care about me, but when push comes to shove, i'm going to do what I want to. It's something I truly want to do, and I really don't think any amount of talk will change that.


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