Monday, September 17, 2007

I woke up around 10AM, lounging around the hotel room for a little while, checking my e-mail and whatnot before texting Anelle about figuring out what to do for the day. Sadie was hungry and wanted to go to some pizza place, and since I was sick of pizza, I decided i'd get lunch on my own and meet them at the mall near where Anelle lived. The GPS unit I brought was leading me all over the place when it came time to find the mall, so what shouldn't have taken more than 15 minutes ended up taking over an hour as the GPS took me this way and that, until finally I found my way to the shopping center they were at. I hopped in Anelle's car, and we drove down to the pizza place, where they ate. Anelle was sick and had lost her voice from the night before, so she obviously didn't talk much. She wrote down what she wanted to say on a piece of paper and passed it around so we could read it, and it was kinda awkward because I felt like I was missing some sort of inside joke between her and Sadie, because she talked more to her than to me (which is understandable, since I wasn't saying much at that point...).

After they ate, we sat in the car for a while trying to figure out what to do next. I suggested seeing a movie, and they looked in the newspaper and we picked. I didn't know until we got to the theater, but we wouldn't be seeing the same movie. <_< Anyway, after we decided on a movie, they took me back to my car and I ended up following them to another Legion location that had just opened up, where I picked up a Street Fighter artbook I had tried buying from some dude on ebay, but he was backordered and I never heard anything from him, so I cancelled it. So that made me somewhat happy. :D

After that, I believe we went to a nearby lake and watched the ducks and geese for a few minutes until the movies started. We watched a nasty pair of geese attack anyone who got nearby, including a Hispanic family. One goose went straight for the guy's asshole, which was hilarious. We also saw duck sex, and quite possibly a duck orgy, but that didn't happen. Sadie got video of it though.

It was getting close to movie time, so I followed them down to the theater, where I saw 3:10 to Yuma, and they saw Balls of Fury. I can't remember if I asked what they thought of their movie, but they seemed satisfied enough with the fact that it had Christopher Walken in it, so I have a feeling the didn't think it was too horrible. We stood around in the parking lot for a while afterwards, where we decided to get dinner. I offered to buy us all dinner at Macaroni Grill, so off we went. The meal itself was pretty quiet, most of us were too busy eating. We did a bit of drawing on the table (it was allowed, don't think we're fucking vandals). I of course, being the one with little to no artistic talent, draw crappy stuff, mostly Mario Bros. items and so forth. Their drawings were much better. After dinner, we stood around in that parking lot for a while, and Sadie entertained us with stories of her boyfriend's family, anad how fucked up his grandfather is. It made for a decent ending to a good day.

We parted ways, and I crashed at the hotel, where I woke up around 11AM, and pretty much forgot that there was a check out time until about 11:50AM. I called the front desk and asked, and they said it was at noon, so I rushed to pack and head out. I drove around for a little bit before getting lunch at Taco Bell, and then I went to Circuit City, CompUSA, and Barnes and Noble until it was time to take the car back to the airport and check in. Thus ends my grand adventure in Alabama.


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