Sunday, September 16, 2007

So, after spending over 12 hours in various airports and planes, i'm here in my hotel in Alabama. As soon as I laned, I sent Anelle a text letting her know I was here, and she said she was on her way. I didn't know she took the day off, so I rented a car, which so far has been a bit of a waste, mainly because I had no idea she took it off. It's all good though, I got to spend pretty much all day with her instead of the few hours I was thinking I would. Her and her friend Sadie came to the airport, and we met up at a nearby gas station.

After that, we went to some Mexican restaurant, where the two of them ate what I later learned was breakfast. I didn't eat because I wasn't that hungry, but we left there and went over to the hotel I was staying at so I could check in, but my room wouldn't be ready until 3.I believe after that, the three of us got in Anelle's car, and we went to a comic store called Legion and looked around for about half an hour. We then went to another friend of theirs, Tara, so that they could see her new dog. We hung out there for a little while before all heading over to the mall, so that Anelle and Sadie could figure out when they'd be working next. They both have jobs at two different places in the mall, so we went to one and then the other, which was a deli. So, at that moment we decided to eat again, so I went and got a slice of pizza, and the others ate at the deli. They went back to the first store after that, and we kinda split up for a while after that.

I went to an arcade upstairs and played Soul Calibur 3 and Guilty Gear XX. Some guy came in while I was playing SC3 and beat my ass, so I moved to GGXX. I played that for a while, and some Hispanic guys came up to challenge me, and I beat 'em both away, until some Asian guy came up and whooped my ass two times in a row, so I took that as a sign that I was done. I bought a soda at a vending machine and wandered around before getting texted that the others were ready to leave, so I met back up with them and we took off. We went to another bookstore and sat around for about an hour before going back to Tara's to do a few things before saying goodbye.

At that point, I was VERY tired, and very grumpy/undecisive, so the rest of the evening was kinda bad. Sadie and Anelle wanted to get food, and they were asking me what I wanted, and I was no help. I could tell they were starting to get frustrated with me, and I wasn't really helping. We went back to the mall so they could once again figure out when they'd be working next (since last time apparently they got no help in that regard), and then we went to Wendy's to eat. After that, I figured I was too tired to be any help or to be exciting in any way, so they took me back to the hotel and dropped me off. The way back was really quiet, so I could tell it was also a good point to end the night.

So, here I sit in bed (Sunday morning), watching The Fugitive on TBS and trying to figure out what to do. I can tell Anelle's in a bad mood, but I can't tell if it's still because of me, or becuase she has no voice. Last night she mentioned she was being bugged by her family when she got home, and she was upset because even though it was obvious that she had little to no voice, they kept bugging her. So yeah, it could go either way.

Anyway, i'm gonna get dressed and see what adventures today holds. I hope today ends on a better note.


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