Tuesday, December 05, 2006

God damn, almost 3 months since i've written in this thing last. I've really neglected it, haven't I? Even though I don't have regular readers or any shit like that, i'm gonna apologize anyway, like it or not. Anyway, to the meat of this update.

I've mentioned Ewa's friend Anh a few times here and there, and I finally asked her out this morning, and we're going to go get dinner Sunday night. Nothing fancy. I don't even really know where we're going to go or anything like that, but i've got time to think about it. I just hope i'm not completely boring without Ben to work with comedically, as weird as that sounds. I dunno, I just think I won't be as funny when I don't have someone to play off of, but then again i'm just worrying about nothing, i'm sure. So yeah, i've got that going for me.

Jeremy should be in town in the next week or so, I just hope my work schedule doesn't suck so much ass that we can't hang out a few times while he's out here. I forget when I saw him last, but its been a while. I think i'll be getting at least one of my tattoos while he's out here, since he's willing to go with me. Hell, he might even get something done himself, who knows. I'm both excited and hesitant about that. Excited because they're something i've wanted to do for a while, but also hesitant because I guess i'm still trying to make 100% sure that I get what I want. I can't see any downsides to either of the tats I want, but who knows...I really don't think i'll regret either of them or be sick of either of them 10, 15, 20, 50 years down the line or whatever, either. I've been giving both of them a lot of thought (at least I did when I decided I was going to get them), and...yeah. I don't think i'll change my mind about either of them.

I can't really think of much else to write about for now...I went to Arizona last month to wait for the Wii, and got that and love it. Um...I might be going back there on my week off in January, or I might be going back to see Dana. I miss seeing her and would like to hang out with her again, it's been too long. I'd also like to go visit my friend Scott in Colorado, who moved there earlier in the year. We worked together and went snowboarding once and had a good time, so I think it'd be a fun time up there. Plus i've never boarded up there, so that'd be a neat experience. I can't decide what I want to do with my week off, but with the next two weeks, I know i'll need the time off, whatever I decide to do.

Last week was really shitty at work, but today wasn't so bad. Hopefully this week won't be like the last...and then it'll be the easiest time of the month. The two weeks before Christmas are going to be hell, I guarantee it. I'm definitely not looking forward to it. But whatever, i'll live through it, just like I have the past two years.

I also want to get this. I don't have a record player, but I just want it.


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