Sunday, December 31, 2006

So, everyone on the East coast is now in 2007, while we over here on the West are stuck in 2006 for another two and a half hours. Isn't that fascinating? -_-

Anyway...i'm just sitting here alone. Not going out to get drunk (like I would get drunk anyway) , or to any parties or anything. Just gonna be at home like any other night, most likely i'll just go to bed without even realizing that its midnight. It's just another night....there's no real reason to get excited about anything. I mean, if I were out at a party or something then of course there'd be celebrating of some kind, but i'm just gonna be here, so there's no use in getting worked up over some arbitrary date that we set to be the end of the year. Maybe I should become Chinese, and observe their New Year, whenever that happens? :P

Hope other people are actually out doing stuff that makes 'em happy. Happy New Year....yeah, that's a laugh. It'll be off to a great start. >_>


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